C Whiteboards ... turning your ideas ... into action

We manufacture and distribute an innovative range of whiteboards and communication boards for sale to resellers.
Our environmentally friendly and recyclable whiteboards standout with an 8-year writing surface warranty - making

VISIONCHART the preferred choice as a whiteboard wholesale supplier in Australia.


It starts with just one idea !

When you write that idea onto a whiteboard ... it becomes visual ... something that you and others can respond to.

The idea now turns into something solid, something to develop.

Whiteboards are the business tools that .. 'turn ideas .. into action'.


Magnetic Whiteboard
Exceptional 8 year writing surface warranty

Only non toxic, water soluble, environment friendly glues are used

And our backing board is environment friendly 'bioboard' .. made from reycled biomass

And .. our whiteboards can be fully recycled


CoCommunicate .. Corporate Magnetic Whiteboards

....People in meetings understand only 10% of what they hear .. but 50% of what they see and hear ! 

......Our Communicate whiteboard range features :

  • Magnetic writing surface
  • Stylish rounded corners - no unsightly exposed brackets
  • Wall fittings included
  • Aluminium pen shelf
  • 20mm (4) colour magnets supplied with every board
  • Great looks ... for any area
  • Why not use our great range of whiteboard accessories

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.......Stylish new frame ...

  • Unique design with 2 colour caps supplied (blue & grey)
  • Makes your board more individual !
  • Wall fixings included
  • Aluminium pen shelf- slide on
  • Whiteboard can be mounted - portrait or landscape
  • Each board is shrink packed for added protection
  • The backing board is made from recycled wood fibres
  • We call it Bioboard™ .. and it's unique to VISIONCHART
  • Every board is made with a safe (non toxic) water based glue
    And ... special sizes can be made easily to order

VISION Communicate range ...

Order Code
600 x 450mm
900 x 600
900 x 900
1200 x 900
1200 x 1200
1500 x 900
1500 x 1200
1800 x 900
1800 x 1200
2100 x 1200
2400 x 1200
3000 x 1200





Co Porcelain Whiteboards - Vitreous enamel
POrcelain enamel whiteboard

We recommend our porcelain - vitreous enamel whiteboards for all high use writing, including ...

    • Schools, universities, language colleges etc
    • For our range of porcelain whiteboard and projection porcelain

VISIONCHART Porcelain whiteboard range ..

Order Code
600 x 450mm
900 x 600
900 x 900
1200 x 900
1200 x 1200
1500 x 900
1500 x 1200
1800 x 900
1800 x 1200
2100 x 1200
2400 x 1200
PB3012 3000 x 1200
3600 x 1200





CoAnd to make your whiteboard even more useful !

....Our NEW ! Magnetic Flipchart Pad holder

  • NEW product
  • Magnetic .. attaches to any whiteboard or steel surface
  • Use with Velcro .. for other walls
  • The white top piece opens up and ...
  • Is supplied with 2 adjustable flipchart pad hooks
  • Recommended with any Flipchart pad with holes
  • Ideal pad size is 25 pages or less
  • Order Code : VA0020
  • Size : 600mm long
  • White powder coated aluminium




Whiteboard Markers
  • What about our whiteboard markers ?
  • Handy pack of 3 colours
  • Bullet point tip
  • Xylene free
  • Strong bold colours
  • Great value
  • Order Code : VA0016


Need a Mobile Whiteboard on wheels ?  Click here
Or a Flipchart ? Click here

Or something with a real corporate designer look ...

  • Glassboards and
  • Magnetic Glass Whiteboards

'glassboard' is a registered name of Visionchart P/L


.....Need advice for cleaning your whiteboard ?


CoWork Station Whiteboards




CStandard Cabinet Whiteboards

Sometimes you just need to keep your information ... confidential.

........Features ...
  • Lockable door with chrome allen key and clasp.
  • Magnetic whiteboard on main backboard doors
  • Non mag on inside doors and
  • Magnetic whiteboard on the outside of doors
  • Silver aluminium frame with dark blue rounded corner pieces
  • Pen shelf (300mm) supplied seperately
  • Order codes are :
    • VCAB9060  -    900 x 600mm - closed (1800x600mm open)
    • VCAB1290 -   1200 x 900mm - closed (2400x900mm open)
Cabinet Board closed
Clasp helps secure the door closed
Closed - showing 'allen key' lock & clasp


Combi Boards


  • Stylish whiteboard and corkboard in one.
  • The perfect combination when space is limited.
  • Aluminium frame with rounded corners for concealed wall fixings (supplied).
  • Whiteboard is our quality easy erase magnetic surface
  • Order Codes :
  • VCB9060  ..900 x 600mm
  • VCB1290C  1200 x 900mm



.... 'Classic' ..Combo boards

  • Small enough to suit all applications
  • Large enough to be professional
  • Magnetic whiteboard & cork
  • Overall size : 585 x 430mm
  • 4 x clear magnets
  • 1 x Dry wipe marker with eraser on the tip
  • White moulded plastic frame
  • Concealed wall fixings supplied
  • Ideal for ...
    • Students
    • Small offices
    • Workstations
    • Home office
  • Whiteboard is : 540x313mm. Cork panel is 540 x 75mm
  • Order Code : VB0012


Tips for Cleaning Whiteboards ..

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